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Kaival Gyan Sampradaya

Kaival Gyan Sampradaya was founded by Paramguru Shreemat Karunasagar Maharaj in Vikram Samvat 1829 (1773 according to the modern calendar). It is based in Sarsa, Gujarat India in the District of Anand. Paramguru started and led the Sampradaya for 105 years until he left to go back to Kaival Dhaam. He picked Pujya Shree Narandasji Maharaj as his successor to the gaadi (head seat). Whoever sit on this gaadi is responsible for leading and expanding the organization. Each successor is known as a Kuveracharya and he is to pick the next successor. Kaival Gyan Sampradaya has established hundreds of mandirs in India (mainly in Gujarat) for Kaival Satsangis.


Param Guru Shreemad Karunsagar Maharaj

Paramguru Shreemat Karunasagar Maharajshree came down to Jambu Dvip (Earth) on Vikram Sanvat 1829. But why did Paramguru come down in the first place? Paramguru traveled from Dvip to Dvip spreading the knowledge of Kaival Karta to help thousands of devotees reach moksha (salvation). The last Dvip He came to was Jambu Dvip. Paramguru also came here spread the knowledge of Kaival Karta and show people the right path to Kaival Karta because many people were turning away from the right path.

Our Committee

Vishwa Sarajan Mangal Charity Trust

Bhajananand Publication

Hasmukhbhai Shah


Bipinbhai Shah



Rajendrabhai Shah


Atulbhai Shah


Hirenbhai Shah


Bhagvatbhai Shah


"Possible under the curious gather followers to trust the world to introduce universal charity Tue literature to make Chakraborty kaivala knowledge society. At present, the Committee made the following. (More members are welcome)"

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